Darren Pettie



Juilliard School of Performing Arts in New York City, US 1996






185 cm /

Feature Films

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Title Role Year Director Company
‌Rule of Thirds ‌Anderson Olive ‌2022 ‌Patrick Flaherty
‌Darkling ‌Jim ‌2022 ‌Dusan Milic
‌A Better Half (short) ‌Paul ‌2021 ‌Marco Calvani
‌Lemon (short) ‌Clerk ‌2019 ‌Patrick Flaherty
‌Trial by Fire ‌Horton ‌2018 ‌Edward Zwick
‌The Vanishing of Sidney Hall ‌Gerald Hall ‌2017 ‌Shawn Christensen
‌The Scarecrow (short) ‌Randall ‌2015 ‌Phillip Rhys Chaudhary
‌Taking Woodstock ‌Paul ‌2009 ‌Ang Lee
‌The International ‌Elliot Whitman ‌2009 ‌Tom Tykwer
‌Four Single Fathers ‌Jonathan ‌2009 ‌Paolo Monico
‌She Pedals Fast (for a Girl) (short) ‌Matt ‌2008 ‌Eva Vives
‌Claire (short) ‌Michael ‌2008 ‌Liz Tuccillo
‌Om (short) ‌Danny ‌2007 ‌Fredric Keith Reshew
‌Approaching Union Square ‌Nathan ‌2006 ‌Marc Meyers
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Title Role Year Director Company
‌Super Pumped ‌Hendricks ‌2022 ‌Allen Coulter
‌Borgen – Power & Glory ‌Richard Stranton ‌2022 ‌Per Fly ‌DR/Netflix
‌New Amsterdam IV ‌Todd Benson ‌2022 ‌Michael Slovis
‌New Amsterdam III ‌Todd Benson ‌2021 ‌Michael Slovis
‌Evil II ‌Orson LeRoux ‌2020 ‌Robert King
‌Rita ‌Tom ‌2020 ‌Lisa Cholodenko
‌New Amsterdam II ‌Todd Benson ‌2019 ‌Michael Slovis
‌Evil ‌Orson LeRoux ‌2019 ‌Robert King
‌Sneaky Pete ‌Chuck Johnson ‌2019 ‌Jon Avnet ‌Amazon
‌Bull ‌Derek Reed ‌2019 ‌Paul Attanasio & Phil McGraw (creators) ‌CBS
‌SEAL Team ‌Paul Mulwray ‌2018 ‌Benjamin Cavell (creator) ‌CBS
‌The Mist ‌Connor Heisel ‌2017 ‌Christian Torpe (creator)
‌Madam Secretary ‌Ian Conroy ‌2017 ‌Barbara Hall (creator)
‌Incident at Vichy ‌Leduc ‌2016 ‌David Horn
‌The Good Wife ‌Max Gaul ‌2015 ‌Michelle King & Robert King (creators)
‌Line of Sight ‌Walker ‌2014 ‌Jonathan Demme
‌Rizzoli & Isles ‌Captain John Connors ‌2012 ‌Michael Katleman
‌Scandal ‌Andrew Mackelson ‌2012 ‌Steve Robin
‌Pan Am ‌George Broyles ‌2012 ‌Thomas Schlamme
‌Prime Suspect ‌Mr. Coleman ‌2012 ‌Peter Berg
‌Ringer ‌Detective Jimmy Kemper ‌2011 ‌Richard Shepard
‌Castle ‌Trapper John ‌2011 ‌Bryan Spicer
‌Mad Men IV ‌Lee Garner Jr. ‌2010 ‌Phil Abraham
‌Mad Men III ‌Lee Garner Jr. ‌2009 ‌Phil Abraham
‌Moagony Junior ‌Moagony Jr. ‌2009
‌G-Spot ‌Peter ‌2009 ‌Wendy Hopkins
‌New Amsterdam ‌Carl Browning ‌2008 ‌Lasse Hallström
‌Cashmere Mafia ‌Dan Dowd ‌2008 ‌Michael Pressman
‌Mad Men ‌Lee Garner Jr. ‌2007 ‌Alan Taylor
‌Gossip Girl ‌Jed Hall ‌2007 ‌J. Miller Tobin
‌Brothers & Sisters ‌Daniel Cole ‌2007 ‌Jason Moore
‌Without a Trace ‌Daniel Howard ‌2007 ‌Rosemary Rodriguez
‌Numb3rs ‌Agent Cullen ‌2006 ‌Peter Markle
‌Charmed ‌Burke ‌2005 ‌Janice Cooke
‌Line of Fire ‌- ‌2005 ‌Greg Yaitanes
‌American Masters ‌Reverend Parris ‌2003 ‌Michael Epstein
‌Crossing Jordan ‌Det. Rohrbach ‌2003 ‌Tim Kring
‌CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ‌Ross Halpo, Sous Chef ‌2003 ‌Richard J. Lewis | J. Miller Tobin
‌As the World Turns ‌Simon Double ‌2002 ‌Maria Wagner
‌Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ‌Joe Parker ‌2002 ‌Jud Taylor
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Title Role Year Director Company
‌Can You Forgive Her? ‌Graham ‌Peter Dubios ‌Vineyard Theatre, NYC
‌The Rose Tattoo ‌Salesman ‌Trip Cullman ‌Williamstown Theatre Festival
‌Incident at Vichy ‌Leduc ‌Michael Wilson ‌Signature Theatre Center, NYC
‌Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune ‌Johnny ‌Karen Allen ‌Berkshire Theatre
‌Dinner with Friends ‌Tom ‌Pam MacKinnon ‌Roundabout Theatre Co
‌Strange Interlude ‌Edmund Darrell ‌Simon Godwin ‌National Theatre (London)
‌Detroit ‌Kenny ‌Anne Kauffman ‌Playwrights Horizons
‌The Miltrain Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore ‌Christopher Flanders ‌Michael Wilson ‌Roundabout Theatre Co.
‌The Collections ‌James ‌Karen Kohlhaas ‌Atlantic Theatre Co.
‌This ‌Tom ‌Daniel Aukin ‌Playwrights Horizons & CTG
‌How the Other Half Loves ‌Bob ‌John Tillinger ‌Westport Country Playhouse
‌Don’t Dress for Dinner ‌Robert ‌John Tillinger ‌Royal George
‌Butley ‌Reg Nuttal ‌Nicholas Martin ‌Booth Theatre (Broadway)
‌Cry of the Reed ‌Philip ‌Daniel Goldstein ‌Huntington Theatre Co.
‌The Taming of the Shrew ‌Petruchio ‌Steven Maler ‌Comm/Shakespeare Co.
‌Hillary ‌Bill Clinton ‌Julie Kramer ‌The Living Theater
‌Ahralsek ‌Isak ‌Ruben Polendo ‌La Tea
‌Dedication ‌Toby ‌Michael Morris ‌Primary Stages
‌Spatter Pattern ‌Tate ‌Michael Greif ‌Playwrights Horizons
‌Dedication ‌Toby ‌Scott Ellis ‌Williamstown Theatre Festival
‌Lipstick Traces ‌John of Lydon ‌David Warren ‌The Foundry Theatre Touring Co.
‌99 Histories ‌Joe ‌Maria Milef ‌Cherry Lane Alternative Theatre
‌Hobson’s Choice ‌Albert Prosser ‌David Warren ‌Atlantic Theatre Co
‌Unwrap Your Candy ‌The Baby ‌Doug Wright ‌The Vineyard
‌Measure for Measure ‌Ensemble/Duke u/s ‌Mary Zimmerman ‌The Public Theatre
‌Righteous Acts Like Filthy Rags ‌Joe ‌Lori Peterman ‌Lincoln Center Directors Lab
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