Photo by: Klaus Vedfeldt

Paprika Steen

actor, director


The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Southern Denmark, 1988-1992




Danish, English


177 cm /


Feature Films

//  Actor

Title Role Year Director Company
‌Toves Værelse ‌Tove ‌2023 ‌Martin Zandvliet
‌Domino ‌Hanne T oft ‌2019 ‌Brian de Palma
‌That Time of Year ‌Katrine ‌2018 ‌Paprika Steen
‌Undercover ‌Hanne ‌2016 ‌Nikolaj Peyk
‌Antboy III ‌Alicia Dufort ‌2015 ‌Ask Hasselbalch
‌Silent Heart ‌Heidi ‌2014 ‌Bille August
‌Kolbøttefabrikken ‌Acacia ‌2014 ‌Morten Boesdal Halvorsen
‌Weekendfar (short) ‌Helle ‌2013 ‌Johan Stahl Winthereik
‌Love Is All You Need ‌Benedikte ‌2012 ‌Susanne Bier
‌Keep the Lights On ‌Karen ‌2012 ‌Ira Sachs
‌Superclásico ‌Anna ‌2011 ‌Ole Christian Madsen
‌Everything Will Be Fine ‌Siri ‌2010 ‌Christoffer Boe
‌Skeletons ‌Jane ‌2010 ‌Nick Whitfield
‌Applause ‌Thea Barfoed ‌2009 ‌Martin Zandvliet
‌Fear Me Not ‌Sigrid ‌2008 ‌Kristian Levring
‌The Early Years: Erik Nietzsche Part 1 ‌Ursula Østdal ‌2007 ‌Jacob Thuesen
‌The Substitute ‌Ulla Harms ‌2007 ‌Ole Bornedal
‌Adam’s Apples ‌Sarah Svendsen ‌2005 ‌Anders Thomas Jensen
‌Forty Shades of Blue ‌Lonni ‌2005 ‌Ira Sachs
‌Stealing Rembrandt ‌Charlotte ‌2003 ‌Jannik Johansen
‌Open Hearts ‌Marie ‌2002 ‌Susanne Bier
‌Okay ‌Nete ‌2002 ‌Jesper W. Nielsen
‌The One and Only ‌Stella ‌1999 ‌Susanne Bier
‌Mifune ‌Pernille ‌1999 ‌Søren Kragh-Jakobsen
‌The Idiots ‌High Class Lady ‌1998 ‌Lars von Trier
‌The Celebration ‌Helene ‌1998 ‌Thomas Vinterberg
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//  Actor

Title Role Year Director Company
‌The First Lady ‌Hortense Bloomer ‌2022 ‌Susanne Bier ‌Showtime
‌Limboland 2 ‌Marianne ‌2021 ‌Rikke Louise Schjødt ‌Xee
‌The Inspector and the Sea ‌Line Anders ‌2021 ‌Thomas Roth ‌ZDF
‌Rita (TV Movie) ‌Ellen ‌2020 ‌Christian Torpe ‌Showtime
‌The City & The City ‌Professor Nancy ‌2018 ‌Tom Shankland ‌BBC
‌Modus II ‌Alva Roos ‌2017 ‌Lisa Siwe ‌TV4
‌Below the Surface ‌Naja Toft ‌2017 ‌Kasper Barfoed ‌TV2
‌Partiets Mand ‌Kirsten Hækkerup ‌2014 ‌Parminder Singh ‌Danmarks Radio (DR)
‌The Inspector and the Sea ‌Line Anders ‌2014 ‌Anno Saul ‌ZDF
‌Happy Life II ‌Lene Leth ‌2012 ‌Kasper Gaardsøe ‌TV2
‌Happy Life ‌Lene Leth ‌2011 ‌Kasper Gaardsøe ‌TV2
‌Mikkel & Guldkortet ‌Birgitte Johansen ‌2008 ‌Christian E. Christiansen ‌TV2
‌Hjerteslag ‌Elisabeth ‌2008 ‌Erik Leijonborg ‌SVT
‌The Befallen ‌Charlotte ‌2003 ‌Måns Mårlind ‌SVT
‌Defense ‌Pernille Karmark ‌2003 ‌Niels Arden Oplev ‌TV2
‌The Spider ‌Helga Krog ‌2000 ‌Ole Christian Madsen ‌Danmarks Radio (DR)
‌Juletestamentet ‌Mie ‌1995 ‌Nikolaj Cederholm ‌TV2
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//  Actor

Title Role Year Director Company
‌Toves Værelse ‌Tove Ditlevsen ‌2019 ‌K Wilton ‌Folketeatret
‌Toves Værelse ‌Tove Ditlevsen ‌2016 ‌Vibeke Wrede ‌Folketeatret
‌Moscow October 7th ‌- ‌2010 ‌- ‌Betty Nansen Theatre
‌Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf ‌Martha ‌2008 ‌Østre Gasværk Theatre
‌Cabaret ‌Sally Bowles ‌2003 ‌- ‌Gladsaxe Theatre
‌Den Vægelsindede ‌Lucretia ‌2000 ‌- ‌The Royal Danish Theatre
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Feature Films

//  Director

Title Year Company
‌Fædre & Mødre ‌2022 ‌Nordisk Film Production
‌That Time of the Year ‌2018 ‌Nordisk Film Production
‌With Your Permission ‌2007 ‌Nordisk Film Production
‌Aftermath ‌2004 ‌Nordisk Film Production
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