Photo by: Cecilie Helmersen

Sara-Marie Maltha



School of the Science of Acting and Michael Chekhow Studio, London. Lee Strassberg Institute in London and New York.




Danish, English


178 cm /


Feature Films

//  Actor

Title Role Year Director Company
‌Ehrengard: The Art of Seduction ‌Mrs. Marbod ‌2023 ‌Bille August ‌SF Studios
‌The Kiss ‌Clara Faber ‌2023 ‌Bille August
‌Piv ‌Pia ‌2011 ‌Mads Riisom
‌Applause ‌Maiken ‌2009 ‌Martin Zandvliet
‌The Last Dating Show ‌Woman ‌2006 ‌Bille August
‌Return to Sender ‌Stella ‌2005 ‌Bille August
‌The Gregersen Family ‌Kim's Mother ‌2004 ‌Charlotte Sachs Bostrup
‌The Man who couldn’t say no ‌Marie ‌2002 ‌Peter Bay
‌Jack of Diamonds ‌Nurse ‌2001 ‌Mitch Morgan
‌Chaos ‌Grace ‌2000 ‌Mitch Henderson
‌Aberdeen ‌Gilian ‌1999 ‌Hans-Petter Moland
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//  Actor

Title Role Year Director Company
‌The Bridge IV ‌Malene's advokat ‌2018 ‌Rumle Hammerich ‌Danmarks Radio (DR)
‌Ride Upon the Storm II ‌Kamilla Persson ‌2018 ‌Kaspar Munk ‌Danmarks Radio (DR)
‌The Killing III ‌Rosa Lebech ‌2012 ‌Mikkel Serup ‌Danmarks Radio (DR)
‌Blekingegade ‌Bente ‌2009 ‌Jacob Thuesen ‌TV2
‌Store Drømme ‌Anna ‌2009 ‌Adam Neutsky-Wulff ‌TV2
‌The Protectors ‌Anita Møller Jørgensen ‌2009 ‌Kasper Gaardsøe ‌Danmarks Radio (DR)
‌Taxa ‌Nicole ‌1999 ‌Rumle Hammerich ‌Danmarks Radio (DR)
‌Army Recruitment ‌Female Soldier ‌1998 ‌Hans-Petter Moland
‌Mothertime ‌Ilse ‌1997 ‌Matthew Jacobs
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//  Actor

Title Role Year Director Company
‌Romeo and Julie ‌Mrs. Capulet ‌2020 ‌Rune David Grue ‌Vendsyssel Theatre
‌Rune David Grue ‌Mrs. Waterbury ‌2017 ‌M. Lindvad ‌Nørregaard Teater
‌Molotov ‌Anna Gaynor ‌2000 ‌Simon Blacke
‌The Remnant ‌Dolores ‌2000 ‌Marina Marmares
‌So Saddle me like a Horse.. ‌Celeste ‌1999 ‌Paul Farrar
‌Butterflies are Free ‌Jill ‌1998 ‌Don Fellows
‌Dancing at Lughnasa ‌Agnes ‌1997 ‌Sam Kogan
‌Danny and the Deep Blue... ‌Roberta ‌1996 ‌Ewen Bremner/Sara-Maria Maltha
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Mikkel Boe Følsgaard, Emilie Kroyer Koppel and Sara-Marie Maltha stars in EHRENGARD: THE ART OF SEDUCTION
EHRENGARD: THE ART OF SEDUCTION will premiere later this year! Mikkel Boe Følsgaard stars as Mr. ...