August Issac Carter in CYKOSE - Photo by Kavian Borhani/SF Studios

CYCHOSIS featuring August Issac Carter set for release in March 2024

New Danish suspense feature CYCHOSIS features August Issac Carter as Mads. The feature is based on the first of three youth novels by Birgitte Lorentzen in her book series 'Cykose'.

The feature is an intense drama about teenagers Lulu and Mads, who have both had supernatural experiences. The meeting between them leads to a wild and risky search for answers with consequences for both of them.

After a party with a little too many drinks, Lulu ends up in the hospital, where in a near-death experience she sees a girl with a shaved head crying for help. When Lulu awakes, the girl is gone. But from here on, nothing is the same for Lulu, who feels like someone or something is stalking her. At the same time, she meets the infamous, but fascinating Mads, who turns out to be able to see things that no one else can. But hanging out with him might not be such a good idea for Lulu.

Theatrical release is set for March 2024.

ūüď∑ Kavian Borhani/SF Studios

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