Andrea Heick Gadeberg in PRETTY YOUNG THING - Photo by Emma Line Sejersen


PRETTY YOUNG THING is out on October 13!

The feature stars Andrea Heick Gadeberg as FRIDA and Sylvester Byder as EMIL. The story takes place at Rosenholm gymnasium at the start of the school year. There are a lot of rituals that the new first-year students have to go through which are of great importance for their future life in high school, and not the least for their personal life. We follow six young boys and girls who are quickly challenged to their own limits in their own way.
FRIDA (Andrea Heick Gadeberg) starts her first year along with her best friend SELMA. The two girls quickly become friends with their mutual freshman NADJA, whose boyfriend EMIL (Sylvester Byder) is best friends with her big brother PELLE. Both guys are on their third and final year of high school. EMIL and FRIDA instantly catch feelings for each other, and when FRIDA is invited to the ritual party for first graders but SELMA isn’t, their friendship begins to fall apart. FRIDA takes a beating and loses her footing in the social game.

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