Anders Baasmo as PEER GYNT in PEER GYNT - Photo by Erik Berg/Riksteatret

PEER GYNT starring Anders Baasmo is touring Norway

The critically acclaimed PEER GYNT starring Anders Baasmo as Peer is set up to travel all over Norway once again this fall. Critics refer to the play as "magical", that is "comes close to utter brilliance" and that "we all have something of Peer in us".

Henrik Ibsen's five-act play centers around Peer Gynt and has been described as the story of a life based in procrastination and avoidance. In Ole Anders Tandberg's version we get close to the characters of Ibsen's masterpiece. What happens with our perception of Peer Gynt when we enters his home, who was he really and why has he always fled from himself?

Ole Anders Tandberg has directed the play at Riksteatret. PEER GYNT will be touring in Norway from October 11 and can be seen until December 10. You’ll find more info and links to tickets here.

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